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  1. M&A-software

PaperSuit Datarooms

PaperSuit is a secure dataroom service designed for the middle market. While offering the security, access control and logging you’d expect from a dataroom, PaperSuit has features designed to make dealmaking more efficient. We worked with a Big 4 accounting firm to help speed up dataroom setup time and increase bidder engagement. Learn more by visiting

  1. Sales Software

ClearSales (Coming Soon)

ClearSales Logo PNG
ClearSales helps salespeople have better conversations to close more deals. Most prospects these days want salespeople to show expertise in their field. ClearSales helps salespeople share timely information with prospects. It tracks in real-time how prospects are engaging with the information. It also helps keep prospects involved in the process through relevant, low-pressure conversations. Website coming soon. 

  1. Sales Software

B2BSalesman-Logo helps ambitious salespeople better communicate value. We believe it will help you close more deals – faster. We curate the best ideas for improving your communication mindset and techniques. Ash Patel (Director, Skyhatch) writes about sales concepts that have helped him and others in his circles. He has been designing business software since 2010. Over the years, he’s gained an appreciation for the art and science of B2B Sales. Visit