Why are people not desperate to do better at work?

I sound a little deranged thinking that question, don’t I?

It came about recently. I was seeking a mid-afternoon chuckle in the depths of an ain’t that the truth humour website.

Well, I got the truth but not the laugh I wanted. This quote sunk deep…

It was quite a shock when I got a new job. I was sure that adults would act like adults, but instead, it was more like high school, people having their own cliques, always blaming others for their mistakes, almost no one taking any responsibility. I’m still quite shocked, I can’t believe people actually think they can be taken seriously when they deflect responsibility all the time and act like big children, and still somehow they seem to hang on to their jobs.

I want to bring about change to that so we can have:

Objectivity over impressions.

Real professional growth over dreaming far too big.

Cohesion over divisive politicking.

There won’t be an end in sight of the latter follies in some workplaces. Corporate at its purest comes to mind.

What about the rest of us professionals in more technical vocations? Let’s see if we can achieve better in our workplace.